Autophagy and how to smile all the time

The other song from the recording binge this weekend is now up at soundcloud.

I had started working on this one a week or so ago when I printed out the lyrics to the Gummi Bears TV Show theme song and picked out a sad, sad chord progression.

Because Damir requested a threnody to be written for this one particular gummi bear from a Robot Chicken episode. And it made so much sense that’s what Damir wanted the song to be about because Damir and I know each other, though we’ve never met in person or even heard one another’s voice. These were the lyrics I wrote in a rush at a coffee shop before meeting up at Rob’s place.

I knew I wanted there to be some accordion on it, and I knew just the man for the job. I got the accordion track back last night from Stephan, mixed it into the track Rob and I had recorded and out came a song I’m really, really fond of.

Autophagy (permalink on soundcloud here)

All of the songs I’ve written I’ve been proud of for one reason or another, but as for a song I would actually listen to again, this is the one. It’s closest to the kind of music I listen to. And it makes me hopeful that I might be able to actually write music I would willingly listen to. The kind of music that gets me excited.

I want to write another sad song.  I want to write a song that breaks my heart.

We’ll see how I do.

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