Texas and an Imaginary Tower

First off is news: My latest story, “The Tower” is now up at the Journal of Unlikely Architecture!

I’m fond of this story – the idea for it came one afternoon from my friend Tucker on Twitter one slow afternoon at work. I was bored and looking for a way to distract myself, so he told me to write a flash story about a cloud, a princess and a tower. As such, an early version of this story was born before it swelled and swelled into a full-size story to accommodate all of the ideas I kept having about it. Much like the Triffid story, this one wound up being about the place stories occupy in our relationships to the people we love. But also a giant imaginary tower. And an amputated finger.

I’m also going to be at Worldcon next week in Texas, wandering around with a spring in my step and bourbon in my pocketses.

While I don’t have a schedule, per se (i.e. this Klagor’s not doing any readings or panels), you WILL be able to find me at the Glitter and Mayhem release party at a local roller rink in San Antonio. Because glitter! And roller skates! And old-school cabinet games! It’s gonna be yanking hard on my nostalgia (all those birthday parties as a kid spent at United Skates in Chicago, doing the Chicken dance as I tried to just not fall directly over).

Otherwise I will be wandering willy nilly to panels and readings, and most likely spending an inordinate amount of time at the bar (or attempting to participate in gym-con).

And there may also be an attempt to make Mick-Rolling a thing (for science!).

This’ll be my last con of the year (and likely my last con until 2015 since I’m going to be abstaining next year in an attempt to re-gain my sanity and vacation days).

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