Weird Fishes/Arpeggios

And that’s another NaNo under my belt.

Did I win?

Oh, hell no. I didn’t come close to the 50k goal NaNo has you shoot for. I had a different goal for this year.

My goal is to finish this entire 100k book by the time Rainforest rolls around again at the end of February. Which means my goal is 25k per month.

Did I win in that sense? Fuck yea.

And I have to admit, I’m liking this revision rewrite quite a bit so far.

Ask me how I’m doing again in January and we’ll see what kind of an answer I’ll give then.

* * *

I adore Spotify.

I spent most of this Thanksgiving break having a decadent staycation, so I was parked on the couch a lot either reading or writing (or mainlining Gilmore Girl episodes with the GF – MY GOD IT’S FULL OF BANTER) and listening to music.

A friend of mine had sold me on using Spotify a while back and since I actually started using it in earnest (following artists, using the radio stations, checking out the recommended artists and albums, listening to the discover weekly playlists). It’s gotten to the point that I listen to it so much (in the car, all day at work, all weekend at home, etc) that the algorithms are doing a really fucking spiffy job recommending new music to me.

Like Dntel. My first thought upon hearing them was, “Holy shit, they sound like Postal Service!” And then a quick google search confirms that this band is the non-Gibbard half of Postal Service. Imagine my surprise when this song popped up:

And here’s Cold Cave with their New Wave/Depeche Mode-tastic song, Confetti:

I totally listen to New Wave the way my dad used to listen to Classic Rock when I was growing up.

Thank you, Spotify, for creating a synth-addled monster.

* * *

I finished reading my Hugo Book Club book for this month, Ringworld. I did finish it. I was not expecting it to be 350 pages of bitching, and cartography.

I have to say, I’m getting pretty sick of saying things in this book club like, “I bet this was a really progressive/awesome/cutting edge back when it was published, but I just could not get past the rampant sexism.”

Glad to have read it, though. I enjoyed the crap out of googling Deviant Art drawings of the Puppeteers.

Now I’m gonna go finish reading Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radsch trilogy, thank you very much.

* * *

Most exciting of all, I got to go into a studio all day Sunday and record banjo and ukulele tracks for my band’s next two EPs.

I’d never recorded in a studio before. Dan was awesome and supportive (and got me through the one song that I didn’t have any concrete parts written for) and a great dude to spend the day with talking with through a microphone.

I did learn that I should probably bring a more comfortable seat for the next time I’m sitting down for 10 hours of recording.

Banjo is a really unforgiving instrument. It’s bright. Excessively so. Getting a rich texture to it meant arranging four mics around me. Which then meant if I changed my body position at all, the tone would change. Which meant that if I fucked up a single note (which is plainly heard thanks to how damn bright the banjo is) we would have to record a replacement track to drop over the mistake. Which meant I couldn’t move at all once we started recording a song.

My ass fell asleep more than once.

My back was killing me this morning so I spent today sleeping on the couch in the loving embrace of my prescription muscle relaxers.

But god damn, do those recordings sound good.

Can’t wait to hear the EPs after my bandmate’s done mixing them.

* * *

My thanksgiving week was exactly what I needed it to be. Hope yours was too.

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