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Paint dots on your wrists to see me in your dreams

The next installment of the Science and the Fantastic column just went live. This one’s about Olaf Stapledon, J.B.S. Haldane and Julian Huxley’s work to bring about the Modern Synthesis in biology (basically the moment that everything that had … Continue reading

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Artistic Mania – or How to Make a Movie in a Weekend

I love deadlines. I really do. A while back, my friend April decided that for her birthday this year, she wanted to bring together everyone she knew to help her make a movie for the 48 Hour Film Project. I, … Continue reading

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Brust, Zelazny, Skill, Taste and a very brief life update

I told myself I wouldn’t do anything productive tonight, out of respect for my poor brain (and knees – trail running is gorgeous, except for the wonky terrain, which my already fucked up knees didn’t appreciate). Sunday, I got back … Continue reading

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I’ve So Much Past Inside My Present

I’m home sick from work today with vertigo. Vertigo sucks. I’ve had it once before – it started after I finished recovering from a particularly nasty bout with the flu a few years back, and it stuck around for a … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing

Fran Wilde tagged me in her Next Big Thing blog post, which means I have to talk about my WIP, then tag other authors and ask them to talk about their WIPs. I’ve had a certain work in progress for quite a while … Continue reading

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Schrodinger’s Slush

A little while back, two of my VP classmates blogged about different aspects of short story submissions: Nicole wrote about when you should trunk a story following a few rounds of submissions and rejections, and Fran wrote about how a … Continue reading

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How to Make How to Make a Triffid

For those of you following me on Twitter, this is old news, but on Thursday afternoon the artwork for my upcoming story went live on Facebook, and I’m totally and completely in love with it. The illustration is by … Continue reading

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Solarbabies Don’t Sparkle When the Sun Comes Out

Holy crap, I just finished watching Solarbabies. If you’re not familiar with the movie, it’s a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-type world where water is scarce and orphans get around on rollerskates. One day, after a particularly brutal skateball game against the … Continue reading

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To publish the unpublishable

I got another rejection for a ridiculous little piece of fiction this morning I’ve been trying to get published for six months. It doesn’t fit comfortably in a lot of markets, and while it isn’t the best story I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Edit-either and Edit-or

Back at work today, everything feels surreal and wrong. It’s interesting to work in a job where a new year means a completely clean slate. It’s almost enough to bleed over into other parts of my life. Almost. That being … Continue reading

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