Mrs. Self Destruct

Despite all of my efforts to the contrary today, chores like laundry got done. This is a struggle lately as I have been spending as much of my Not-Going-To-Coming-From-Or-Being-At-Work time on my various little soul-nourishing projects.

Strip away everything that sucks away the moments and that becomes an easier thing. My Netflix account has remained untouched for months now and I finally have severed the last lingering affections for television by depriving myself of its warm glow. I miss the mindlessness of it all, but yoga fits in that hole surprisingly well.

Unfortunately, that has meant an increase in the day-to-day chaos of life. So days like today, dragged along on the heels of an unnecessarily existential Saturday night spent sorting through thoughts via paper and winding up with an unrelated post about The Cat, days like today become necessary to pull everything back into line.

I am a chaos chiropractor.

I am writing tonight as I have a deadline to produce SOMETHING by. So I’m working on something that’s both old and new. And though it means alienating a few of my current projects, I’ve been letting too many seed ideas pile up like so many pairs of dirty underwear.

And I ran out of clean underwear a few days ago.

See? Deadlines do wonders.

Be good to yourself this week. Take a few minutes to stare at a wall and imagine Everything is on the other side of it.

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