I Love You Anyway

Second song for the Write-a-Thon is now complete! [+2 experience/+1 magic]

This one is for my friend Kat, who requested a song on the ukulele about farting that her sister could dance the hula to. I love Kat.

So here it is, in all its uke-tastic glory:

I Love You Anyway

There’s still plenty of time to donate and I’m eking ever closer to my goal. I want this album to happen. I’ve already got an amazing photographer on board to make the cover art. Don’t you want amazing cover art?

Oh, and this song is my first single and, as such, it will have a music video which I will unlock once I hit $300.

But for now I’m going to grab my ukulele and sit by a rooftop pool for a friend’s birthday and work on another song.

There’s a million days today could be for you – what are you gonna do with it?

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