Fran is live blogging our Readercon experience while I struggle to wrestle my besotted alter ego back into the bottom of a bourbon bottle where she belongs


10 am Thursday – we hit the road.

For the record, should you have a chance to roadtrip with either Kelly Lagor or A.C. Wise, do it. Great fun.

We have discovered that Boston is magically 6 hours from everything. Except if you take the GW bridge. Then it’s 8.


(the sign says Readercon or Bust, but this is what happens when you ask strangers to take photos.)

Found our VP people fast and totally took over the restaurant lounge. Awesome.

8 am Friday: Going for coffee when you are wearing your Firefly “also I can kill you with my brain” tshirt is amusing.

If you haven’t tried out the Guidebook App on iTunes, it’s insanely good for organizing a con. If you’re at Readercon and don’t have this yet – highly recommended.

So many readings and panels I want to go to today. And a lot of hanging out…

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