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I don’t know these buildings, I think I’m lost

I don’t have to make the 35 mile drive into work for the next 11 days. I’m so happy about this, I could scream. I’ve been looking forward to this stretch since October since this is the first time I … Continue reading

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When we look at the world, we are hallucinating all the time

I’ve got burnout. I was hoping the mania induced by VP and WFC would carry me through to the end of the year, but the hyper-productivity that persisted through the end of NaNo has failed me, and until a few … Continue reading

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In Which I Write a Rare Book Review

I’ve been doing a Hugo Book Club with my friends from grad school for the better part of a year now, and I just wrote a review that I decided to cross post here, since it’s relevant. Our book this … Continue reading

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White Blank Page

March is well underway as we slowly drag ourselves back into the sunlight. Even San Diego isn’t immune to the doldrums of winter. The cold that seeps through the thin, uninsulated walls seems to be receding along with the persistent … Continue reading

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