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Remember How We Used to Feel These Days Would Never End

Friday night the transformer connected to my apartment complex exploded. Not just through half-hearted puffs of smoke, but in a literal ball of flames. I was standing outside in my pajamas, watching the doomed transformer with my neighbors when it … Continue reading

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Help with Hugo nominations

I’m in a rocket-shaped pickle (or a pickle-shaped rocket?): I have no idea who to vote for on my Hugo ballot. I’ve got a few things I know I’m putting down, but for the most part, a lot of the … Continue reading

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World Fantasy Con (or, how I found a family I didn’t even know I had)

I survived my first con. In sitting on my mom’s couch in Chicago, drinking a beer, eating pumpkin cookies and trying to figure out what exactly happened these last four days. It was amazing. I bought my membership earlier this … Continue reading

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I wish you…

…Were here. …Could have been here. …Were still here. …The best. To all the friends new and newer, old and oldest, I wish you a Happy Halloween. (there will be a Con recap as soon as I resolidify in Chicago … Continue reading

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