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Same as it ever was

It’s official. I’m sick. I know this because my coworkers have replaced the “Illin’” post-it on my cubicle with the “Moderately Ill” post-it. It’s the lack of sleep and extended travel. Gets me every single time. I’ve got less than … Continue reading

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That OTHER VP Post: In which my brain goes CLUNK

I’m back in San Diego. Sitting in Lestats, surrounded by people I don’t know. Some are reading. Others writing. One even has a banjo (is that Brust?! Oh, wait. No. Dammit). I’ve been trying to compose this post in my … Continue reading

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I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream

It’s after midnight and I’m trying a different tactic to get to sleep tonight by giving a brief forum to my thoughts instead of letting them clump up in my forebrain until after 3AM. I have been at Viable Paradise … Continue reading

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Stupid Underwear

I’m going to forget something. Every single time I go somewhere, I forget something. It’s usually something small or redundant – something that would make my life slightly easier if I had remembered to stick the fucker in the suitcase … Continue reading

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That VP post, and a few unexpected deaths

I’m leaving Friday for Boston to spend some time with friends before heading down to Martha’s Vineyard for the Viable Paradise workshop. I’ve been trying to head off the nerves I know are coming with the workshop by keeping busy/not … Continue reading

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She’s afraid of the light in the dark

All the big things are taken care of for the Viable Paradise workshop this October (never have I been more happy to be able to finally afford to write the check that I wrote today), so all that’s left is … Continue reading

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So many announcements, so few letters in the alphabet

I should start with the biggest news, which is that I got into the Viable Paradise workshop! I would try and describe how excited I am about this, or how that excitement is dampened because I have to wait for … Continue reading

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White Blank Page

March is well underway as we slowly drag ourselves back into the sunlight. Even San Diego isn’t immune to the doldrums of winter. The cold that seeps through the thin, uninsulated walls seems to be receding along with the persistent … Continue reading

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